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About us

Connected Bits is a Boston-area software company that develops mobile applications and the network services that power them.

Dave Mitchell and Eric Carlson met while working at a startup and later worked together as part of Microsoft's MIT research alliance. Together they decided to take their extensive knowledge and expertise in development, design, and leadership to found Connected Bits in 2003.

Since Connected Bits founding, they have collaborated with dozens of major cities across the United States and Canada to optimize worker productivity, to enable the public to quickly report issues, and to improve the relationship between the public and their local services.

Founded by

Dave Mitchell

Dave Mitchell

ran Microsoft's $25 million MIT research alliance and before that held engineering roles in six early-stage software startups two of which he co-founded.

Eric Carlson

Eric Carlson

was the CTO for Kana and Silknet Software, both public companies. Eric's design for the Silknet eBusiness platform, helped fuel Silknet's rapid growth and eventual $4.2 billion acquisition by Kana.